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Expert Adult Biology Tuition in Wickford

To find a tutor in Wickford, for Adult Biology call 01245 225493 or complete the Contact Us form.

Brentwood Tutors offers a local personal service in Brentwood, Bilericay and neighbouring towns.

We prefer to telephone parents to discuss requirements so that we can assign you the most suitable tutor in your area. Brentwood Tutors does not charge a registration fee nor do you have to book lessons in advance.

We have an excellent satisfaction rate as over a third of our tuition requests come from existing clients or through personal recommendation.

In addition to Adult Biology, we offer a wide range of school subjects and other assistance.

You can find further information about home tuition by going to the Information for parents and students and Frequently Asked Questions FAQ pages.


Primary  KS1, KS2

Preparation for 11+

Preparation for private school entrance

Lower secondary  KS3


AS/A levels and IB  KS5


Covering the Brentwood district:





Pilgrims Hatch





The Tutors Association

Brentwood Tutors is administered by Chelmsford Tutors which, following inspection, was accepted as one of the first Corporate Members of The Tutors Association.

This means that we abide by the TTA rules, that tutors have been recruited following correct procedures and that we and our tutors work in a professional manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Many tutors are retired teachers.

Some tutors are still working as teachers.

Some tutors qualified as teachers but did not enjoy working in schools and now work in other professional jobs while providing tuition in the evening.

Some tutors have professional training experience.

We do not register students who are still at school or on undergraduate university courses.

Each new tutor registered with Chelmsford Tutors is checked in the following manner:

  • Identity checking of a photographic ID
  • Right to work in the UK (Passport, NI number)
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (Enhanced) to ensure that the tutor can work with children. The DBS has replaced the CRB and ISA
  • Academic qualifications certificates are seen as all our current tutors have at least one university degree
  • Two written references are obtained. These are usually from professional sources such as schools


The tuition time needed, frequency and number of lessons is agreed with the tutor.

Up to GCSE this is usually one hour a week. For A level it is often a longer session once a fortnight.

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Information for Parents and Students:

Tutoring differs from teaching in a school because the skills and approach needed are:

  • one-to-one personal interaction
  • flexibility in teaching style to fit each student
  • tutoring at a pace to fit each student
  • often tutoring topics which were not understood in school
  • practising learning and exam techniques

A good relationship tends to develop between tutor and student so that the association is one of friend and mentor.

We usually have three kinds of tutoring arrangements:

Weekly tuition: This regular one-hour tuition is a supplement to a student’s schooling and ensures that the student understands and learns the subject week by week as he/she attends school. It can compensate for insufficient individual attention due to large class size, difficulty in grasping concepts or poor motivation.

Catch-up sessions: These are useful to review the student’s grasp of a concept. They allow the student to “catch up” and to thoroughly understand a topic which was causing problems.

Exam preparation: This is useful before internal exams, mocks or formal exams. The tuition required will depend on the level such as GCSE or A level. Extra tuition is useful to reduce feelings of panic and loss of confidence. Exam techniques can be practised.

Tuition is not a quick-fix solution. The amount of tuition required will depend on the needs, aptitude and effort of each student.

Many students have dyslexia and this is usually no problem in one-to-one tutoring. If the student has special needs, these should be discussed to see if we can help.

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